All About E!



  – ^ This is me!

– Emma Louise Kenny
– I am 24 years old – almost 25, bring on the quarter life crisis!
– I am an only child
– I was raised by my Mum
– I have been married for four years; Daniel Kenny
– I am a mother of three; Mia, Dean, and Lyla
– Very few people in my life are allowed to call me ‘Em’
– I love to write
– My favourite colour is most shades of green, in particular mint green and pastel greens
– Coffee is my best friend, somedays I swear I am 70% caffeine and not water
– I am very sarcastic, and have a bit of a potty mouth
– I used to ride horses, and owned my own Standardbred – and I wish I still rode; it was my favourite hobby
– I plan to get many more tattoos, I currently have four small tattoos, but my next one will be a 1/4-1/2 sleeve
– I enjoy TV Series’ over Movies; One Tree Hill, The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars to name a few
– I love to read, but never get much time to sit down and read a book cover to cover; but nothing beats fresh new book smell
– I cannot bake to save to my life, but I can decorate cakes like a boss!
– Documentaries, Biographies, Reality TV – I think I’m just nosey
– I always dreamed of having a big family, four little humans of my own
– My mother is my biggest inspiration and role model
– I love a good glass of wine, but if I am in the mood to party Skittle Bombs are my drink of choice always!
– My favourite food changes on the daily – I LOVE FOOD
– I am learning to love healthy eating and clean food more than fast food
– I am always honest, and extremely loyal to those that I love, but it can sometimes be perceived as bitchy
– I’ve recently learnt that when someone shows you who they truly are – believe them!
– I’ve changed my mind on what I want to do when I “grow up” 10,000 times
– I have always wanted a Kelpie – and now I have one!
– I like lists – and to be organised – and to write everything down
– I have suffered from PND and anxiety after each of my children
– I have suffered from chronic pain and fatigue most of my adult life
– I have always wanted to do something with my life that helped others
– I am currently on my Herbalife Journey to be the happiest and healthiest version of myself, and ADORING every moment
– I believe family doesn’t have to be just blood – you will find people who will become the family you have chosen; my best friend and sister Samantha for example and her beautiful little family.
– Quality over quantity; I try to apply this to all aspects of my life

E. x


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