In April of 2016 one of my good friends started Herbalife. We both had babies within weeks of each other in late 2015 and obviously gained weight, and we were struggling to lose the extra kilos. Not only were we both going through everything together as far as parenting, we were also both struggling with extra weight and body changes that comes with bringing a tiny new human into the world.

I watched as her body transformed over four months – she lost 20 kilos! And now has lost even more, and is shaping and toning her whole body. She looks incredible! She is also now pregnant with her third little babe, and still looks phenomenal – she actually has that glow people talk about! I listened as she raved about how amazing she felt as a whole over those four months from April 2016 – July 2016, not just physically but emotionally too; her skin clearer, hair no longer falling out due to postpartum hormones, the increase in energy she felt everyday, the improvement of her digestive health – and how happy and confident she now felt with herself.

On August 1st 2016 I bit the bullet and ordered my Ultimate Programme from her. I had to try this – what did I have to lose? I was struggling with my weight, and binge eating junk that was not fuelling my body right, I was nowhere near giving my body the nutrients it needed everyday. I’m not going to lie – I was skeptical at first, thinking Herbalife was just another fad shake diet, or just meal replacing leaving your body hungrier leading it to store even more fat. I didn’t trust things like this, I have tried other products and I never felt full or energised, I was always hungry, and I didn’t lose any weight – personally I didn’t receive any benefit from doing them. But after months of reading testimonies about Herbalife, and seeing all the transformation photos I just had to try it. The only thing I had to lose from starting Herbalife was kilos!

Day One:

14100415_10210179004210997_160241710374185369_n 14212805_10210179004331000_5560132545843187437_n


Week Eight: (Week 10 measurements)

14457327_10210412779375230_271202038621977326_n 14572869_10210539180375176_9197369805941364957_n


In my first eight weeks – as now I have been using Herbalife a lot longer – I lost 5.1 kilos and 100.5 cm off of my total body! But not only was my body changing physically, I felt better as a whole. I had so much more energy, which is a must with three little ones who are on the go constantly. I was feeling more motivated and excited to do things everyday, my skin was clearing up and even my hairdresser commented on how healthy my hair had become. I wasn’t bloated and feeling heavy everyday, or dehydrated because I was making sure my 2-3L fluid intake was reached daily. My whole body was changing, and I felt amazing – and still do!

Since having Lyla, I have struggled with my weight and emotional/mental health. The more I gained – or didn’t lose – the more unhappy I felt within myself so I had my “comfort food”. Who doesn’t love something covered with cheese, or a delicious creamy sauce or gravy on chicken and hot chips? I wasn’t helping myself, and I was stuck in a vicious cycle. Thanks to my amazing friend, who is my Herbalife coach, that has all changed. I still haven’t reached all of my goals, but Herbalife has motivated me to continue my journey, because with the help of the products I can and I will achieve my goals. I will achieve my dream body, but it isn’t just about being happy with how I look physically. It is about being healthy too, I could reach my goals by not eating and skipping meals or exercising 24/7, but with Herbalife I am easily and conveniently making my body not just look great on the outside – but on the inside too!

I want to be a good role model of whole body wellness for my children, and lead by example of showing them the importance of good health and fitness. You need an 20/80 balance of exercise and nutrition to be healthy – and Herbalife makes it so easy to achieve that everyday!

80% Nutrition  20% Exercise  100% Mindset

What I love most about Herbalife is that you aren’t starving your body – each F1 Shake has every vitamin and mineral you need, and are supposed to be having each meal. You don’t drop your weight by starving your body, and not eating correctly, you are giving your whole body the nutrients it needs with a combination of shakes, supplements and antioxidant tea and aloe! By using Herbalife, I have restored my body from the inside, ensuring that every part of my body – muscles, bones, organs, digestive system, skin, and heart – is repaired and working the way it should!

Herbalife has a whole range of products to suit everyone and anyone:

  • Kenny has started using the Herbalife 24 range to help tone and shape up his body; to gain muscle mass and strength.
  • My Mum is also doing an Ultimate Programme and is having amazing physical results and massive increase in energy and better sleep!
  • My best friend is a busy working Mum, and is currently doing a shake regime to help her be her best everyday.
  • Everyone I know who has tried, or is currently using, a Herbalife product has seen and felt results – but *individual results may vary, but there is results!

I will keep blogging updates on my Journey – as I truly believe in the benefits of our products. And a new transformation update will be up soon! But here is one of just how much my face has changed in the last year!


I am now a Health and Wellness Coach and Supervisor. So if you have any questions about Herbalife, how it works or what products we have, please don’t hesitate to contact me with your queries and for a Free Wellness Evaluation!

My Facebook Group (Aspire with E!) is: www.facebook.com/groups/128032617648305/
My email is: emmakenny.herbalife@gmail.com
GoHerbalife: www.goherbalife.com/emmakenny

Or use the Contact link at the top of my homepage here.

E. x

*Individual results may vary – results not typical
*These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease 


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