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In April of 2016 one of my good friends started Herbalife. We both had babies within weeks of each other in late 2015 and obviously gained weight, and we were struggling to lose the extra kilos. Not only were we both going through everything together as far as parenting, we were also both struggling with extra weight and body changes that comes with bringing a tiny new human into the world.

I watched as her body transformed over four months – she lost 20 kilos! And now has lost even more, and is shaping and toning her whole body. She looks incredible! She is also now pregnant with her third little babe, and still looks phenomenal – she actually has that glow people talk about! I listened as she raved about how amazing she felt as a whole over those four months from April 2016 – July 2016, not just physically but emotionally too; her skin clearer, hair no longer falling out due to postpartum hormones, the increase in energy she felt everyday, the improvement of her digestive health – and how happy and confident she now felt with herself.

On August 1st 2016 I bit the bullet and ordered my Ultimate Programme from her. I had to try this – what did I have to lose? I was struggling with my weight, and binge eating junk that was not fuelling my body right, I was nowhere near giving my body the nutrients it needed everyday. I’m not going to lie – I was skeptical at first, thinking Herbalife was just another fad shake diet, or just meal replacing leaving your body hungrier leading it to store even more fat. I didn’t trust things like this, I have tried other products and I never felt full or energised, I was always hungry, and I didn’t lose any weight – personally I didn’t receive any benefit from doing them. But after months of reading testimonies about Herbalife, and seeing all the transformation photos I just had to try it. The only thing I had to lose from starting Herbalife was kilos!

Day One:

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Week Eight: (Week 10 measurements)

14457327_10210412779375230_271202038621977326_n 14572869_10210539180375176_9197369805941364957_n


In my first eight weeks – as now I have been using Herbalife a lot longer – I lost 5.1 kilos and 100.5 cm off of my total body! But not only was my body changing physically, I felt better as a whole. I had so much more energy, which is a must with three little ones who are on the go constantly. I was feeling more motivated and excited to do things everyday, my skin was clearing up and even my hairdresser commented on how healthy my hair had become. I wasn’t bloated and feeling heavy everyday, or dehydrated because I was making sure my 2-3L fluid intake was reached daily. My whole body was changing, and I felt amazing – and still do!

Since having Lyla, I have struggled with my weight and emotional/mental health. The more I gained – or didn’t lose – the more unhappy I felt within myself so I had my “comfort food”. Who doesn’t love something covered with cheese, or a delicious creamy sauce or gravy on chicken and hot chips? I wasn’t helping myself, and I was stuck in a vicious cycle. Thanks to my amazing friend, who is my Herbalife coach, that has all changed. I still haven’t reached all of my goals, but Herbalife has motivated me to continue my journey, because with the help of the products I can and I will achieve my goals. I will achieve my dream body, but it isn’t just about being happy with how I look physically. It is about being healthy too, I could reach my goals by not eating and skipping meals or exercising 24/7, but with Herbalife I am easily and conveniently making my body not just look great on the outside – but on the inside too!

I want to be a good role model of whole body wellness for my children, and lead by example of showing them the importance of good health and fitness. You need an 20/80 balance of exercise and nutrition to be healthy – and Herbalife makes it so easy to achieve that everyday!

80% Nutrition  20% Exercise  100% Mindset

What I love most about Herbalife is that you aren’t starving your body – each F1 Shake has every vitamin and mineral you need, and are supposed to be having each meal. You don’t drop your weight by starving your body, and not eating correctly, you are giving your whole body the nutrients it needs with a combination of shakes, supplements and antioxidant tea and aloe! By using Herbalife, I have restored my body from the inside, ensuring that every part of my body – muscles, bones, organs, digestive system, skin, and heart – is repaired and working the way it should!

Herbalife has a whole range of products to suit everyone and anyone:

  • Kenny has started using the Herbalife 24 range to help tone and shape up his body; to gain muscle mass and strength.
  • My Mum is also doing an Ultimate Programme and is having amazing physical results and massive increase in energy and better sleep!
  • My best friend is a busy working Mum, and is currently doing a shake regime to help her be her best everyday.
  • Everyone I know who has tried, or is currently using, a Herbalife product has seen and felt results – but *individual results may vary, but there is results!

I will keep blogging updates on my Journey – as I truly believe in the benefits of our products. And a new transformation update will be up soon! But here is one of just how much my face has changed in the last year!


I am now a Health and Wellness Coach and Supervisor. So if you have any questions about Herbalife, how it works or what products we have, please don’t hesitate to contact me with your queries and for a Free Wellness Evaluation!

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E. x

*Individual results may vary – results not typical
*These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease 

Birth Story – Mia.

So I’ve heard that writing out your birth story (or stories since I have more than one child) can actually be very therapeutic – and considering the birth of my first child didn’t exactly go to plan, we will see if that’s true.

My due date for my first little babe was September 27th 2011. Kenny and I knew that at eighteen and nineteen we were expecting a little girl, and truth be told – we were excited, but terrified at the same time. After going back and forth on names, I liked Ellie and he didn’t, or he liked something and I didn’t, vwe settled on the name Mia. Mia’s middle name was set long before we even found out the gender, Louise – which is a family name on my side, and my middle name. Her name was perfect, and I still think it is, it suits her and is just as beautiful as she is.

I wanted to deliver naturally, with minimal drugs – despite Kenny and my Mum laughing at the idea of me going without pain relief. I never wrote out a birth plan, but I did have a few things that I wanted when it came to Mia’s birth.

1. Deliver vaginally
2. Minimal drugs – but I would take them if I needed them
3. Kenny and my Mum were the only people to be in the delivery room
4. Skin to skin immediately after birth to promote bonding and breastfeeding

At twenty eight weeks I went in to pre term labour. I was so scared, I was having regular and extremely painful contractions. My stomach was going hard, I had searing pain in my lower back. After sitting with my Mum for twenty minutes, timing my contractions and her hand on my little belly feeling the change every six minutes, we packed up and headed to the hospital. Luckily my mother is a midwife and nurse, so having her with me was the biggest comfort, and Kenny being there also was a massive relief. When arriving at the hospital, I was taken into a room and quickly hooked up to the CTG machine, and had my observations taken. Thankfully, my waters hadn’t broken and there was no sign of dilation or effacement. Despite the intense pain I was experiencing, our little love was safe. They stopped the contractions with medication, and I was sent home after a few hours and double checking I definitely was not in labour.

The next ten weeks were horrific to say the least. I had SPD, which is where you have pain in your pelvis and it hurts to walk, get in and out of cars, or roll over in bed. I was also diagnosed with an irritable uterus, where I would have extreme regular contractions that didn’t progress in to labour, or do anything to my cervix. I would be in emergency at least once a week because the pain became to much, and to double check that we weren’t going to have premature baby.

And this brings the story to Thursday September 15th, yet again I was headed to emergency because yet again, my pain was out of control and my contractions were 4 minutes apart. I had so much hope that this was finally it, I was finally having a baby. After some strong pain relief, I was feeling quite drowsy, I’d already texted Kenny letting him know where I was and what was going on. Depsite holding out hope, we both agreeed he’d stay in class and I would be sent home. But after a very strong contraction, I wasn’t so sure I was going home this time. My OB and I had discussed induction, but due to the fact Mia wasn’t dropping and her head was not engaged, the risks of prolapsed cord and multiple other complications we had agreed that was not an option at this point – and would very likely end in an emergency cesarean.

After a few more contractions that the pain relief wasn’t even coming close to touching, I clearly remember turning to my Mum and joking that “How funny would it be if my OB walked in and asked if I wanted a cesarean?” The next minute, my OB did just that – and I burst in to tears. I immediately called Kenny, and I’m fairly sure I made absolutely no sense due to the fact I was crying, but he got the gist because he packed up and headed for the hospital.

Looking back, I wish I had said no; I really wish I had have had the experience of delivering vaginally. But due to my pain, and other personal circumstances, I decided to say yes to deliver my baby via cesarean section. We waited a further eight hours, I had eaten lunch so we needed to wait until a certain point, but then due to other emergencies we were pushed a bit longer. At this point excitement started to overwhelm us, and then fear, then happiness, then fear again. We were about to be parents, for the very first time.

I remember being wheeled on my bed, Kenny holding my hand and my Mum following behind as the staff took me towards theater. I met my aneathatist and after lots of questions, he sat me on the edge of the operating table, and told me that it wasnt going to hurt. He was right to an extent, a needle going in to your spine does hurt, but once the local anaesthetic started to work it was only pressure that I could feel. But it was so hard to stay still, I was shaking from being so nervous – my wonderful OB stepped forward and grabbed my hand. It was just what I needed; I knew that myself and my baby were safe in his very skilled hands. After everything that I had been through throughout my pregnancy, driving him insane with my issues, he was always so calm and always reassured me that it was going to be okay; and despite nicknaming me “Trouble” I knew I was never a bother to him.

I laid down (with a lot of help from the nurses) and realized I couldn’t feel my lower half – it was the most bizzare feeling I had ever experienced. Kenny was then brought in to the room and sat next to me holding my hand, and told me that he loved me. This was it, we were about to become parents.

Mia Louise Kenny was born at 11:34pm on September 15th 2011.
She weighed a tiny 6lb 2oz / 2.8kg and was 45cm long.


After a very short cuddle, Mia was taken to the NICU for RDS (Respiratory Distress Syndrome). She spent the first 36 hours in the NICU needing breathing treatment and observation, and they were the longest 36 hours of my life. I think this played a huge part in my postnatal depression; I didn’t get skin to skin after she was born, we didn’t immediately breastfeed, and I didn’t get to hold her against my chest and bond with her straight away, and she wasn’t with me for what honestly felt like eternity. I needed my baby, and blamed myself for her needing NICU treatment because I chose to have a cesarean at 38 weeks and 2 days. I struggled with breastfeeding, we couldn’t get the latch correct and I was too overwhelmed to try hard enough, and stopped on day three after my milk had come in.

I was a young first time mother and had advice, and expectations, coming at me from every which way – and as a response to everyone around me, I completely withdrew myself, and tried as hard as I could to bond with my new baby. Nothing turns out how you expect, and that’s okay. I have, for the most part, come to terms with Mia’s birth and the events that followed – but it is still a very sore spot, and I do have a lot of emotional trauma to work through still five years later. But that in itself is a whole other blog post.

E. x

All About E!



  – ^ This is me!

– Emma Louise Kenny
– I am 24 years old – almost 25, bring on the quarter life crisis!
– I am an only child
– I was raised by my Mum
– I have been married for four years; Daniel Kenny
– I am a mother of three; Mia, Dean, and Lyla
– Very few people in my life are allowed to call me ‘Em’
– I love to write
– My favourite colour is most shades of green, in particular mint green and pastel greens
– Coffee is my best friend, somedays I swear I am 70% caffeine and not water
– I am very sarcastic, and have a bit of a potty mouth
– I used to ride horses, and owned my own Standardbred – and I wish I still rode; it was my favourite hobby
– I plan to get many more tattoos, I currently have four small tattoos, but my next one will be a 1/4-1/2 sleeve
– I enjoy TV Series’ over Movies; One Tree Hill, The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars to name a few
– I love to read, but never get much time to sit down and read a book cover to cover; but nothing beats fresh new book smell
– I cannot bake to save to my life, but I can decorate cakes like a boss!
– Documentaries, Biographies, Reality TV – I think I’m just nosey
– I always dreamed of having a big family, four little humans of my own
– My mother is my biggest inspiration and role model
– I love a good glass of wine, but if I am in the mood to party Skittle Bombs are my drink of choice always!
– My favourite food changes on the daily – I LOVE FOOD
– I am learning to love healthy eating and clean food more than fast food
– I am always honest, and extremely loyal to those that I love, but it can sometimes be perceived as bitchy
– I’ve recently learnt that when someone shows you who they truly are – believe them!
– I’ve changed my mind on what I want to do when I “grow up” 10,000 times
– I have always wanted a Kelpie – and now I have one!
– I like lists – and to be organised – and to write everything down
– I have suffered from PND and anxiety after each of my children
– I have suffered from chronic pain and fatigue most of my adult life
– I have always wanted to do something with my life that helped others
– I am currently on my Herbalife Journey to be the happiest and healthiest version of myself, and ADORING every moment
– I believe family doesn’t have to be just blood – you will find people who will become the family you have chosen; my best friend and sister Samantha for example and her beautiful little family.
– Quality over quantity; I try to apply this to all aspects of my life

E. x

Aspire with E !

Hello everyone,

I am trying this whole blogging thing again; the difference this time is that I am very motivated, and happy to be sharing my life and journey that I am positive it will work!

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